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Her Story: Daughters of Modjadji

Her Story. Daughters of Modjadji/ Umlando Wakhe. Amadodakazi endlovukazi uModjadji is the first in a planned children’s book series for 7-12 year old girls that features African women whose lives inspire.  The women in the book are from diverse settings, and their stories reflect not only the multiple roles that women play in society, but also the obstacles they face as a result of race, class and most importantly; their gender.

Her Story. Modjadji’s Daughters/ Umlando Wakhe. Amadodakazi Endlovukazi uModjadji focuses on 30 South African women, across generations and from different sectors and spheres of life linked around themes of affirmation, identity and gender.  The stories are accompanied by vivid illustrations and interactive comic strips that feature throughout the book. The empowerment of girls is a fundamental building block of the publication, as seen by most of the writers, editors and illustrators in the book being female.

The book will be published in English and Zulu versions in its first year, and be available in both print and e-book formats from February 2018!

 Book of African Records – South Africa (BAR SA)

The Book of African Records (BAR) is a research and educational institution that collects, collates, documents, publishes, publicizes and distributes content of the achievements, acts and deeds of the African people.

BAR believes that the African continent, its people and environment, can exist and enjoy a positive and balanced perception of themselves the world over, and not as home to war, hunger, disease, poverty, corruption and other ills and vices.

BAR – headquartered in Zimbabwe – entered into a Memorandum of Cooperation Agreement with Khaloza Books on 10 June 2017 to own and produce the Book of African Records – South Africa (BAR SA).

BAR SA will launch in June 2018!

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