Pitch to Khaloza

Call for manuscripts and illustrations

What we are looking for

As a start-up publishing enterprise specializing in Pan African stories, Khaloza Books accepts submissions of children’s fiction and non-fiction; novels, science fiction and graphic novels for teenagers; and narrative non-fiction on Africa for children, teens and young adults. The submissions may be in any fiction genre; with interesting plots that are thoughtful, honest, surprising and witty and looks towards the future and celebrates diversity. Never before published authors are especially welcome.

We are also always looking for illustrators for our books.

Children’s fiction

Beginner readers, aged 5-7, word length 5,000-10,000.

Confident readers, aged 7-9, word length 10,000-25,000.

Middle-grade readers, aged 10-14, word length 25,000-50,000

Young adults

Novels, adventure, science fiction, historical fiction for young adult readers, aged 14+, word length 50,000-100,000, and graphic novels, with story line and illustrations

Non-fiction books
For Children and Young Adults

Non-fiction submissions on Pan Africanism, and African history, city life, environmental issues, feminism and other themes for Middle grade (10-14 years), teens and young adults (14+). The narratives should be imaginative and authoritative. Kindly include a bibliography with submission.

Sending submissions
For writers

Send an email to manuscripts@khalozabooks.com, copy and paste the ‘MY BOOK INFORMATION SHEET’ below into the email body, and fill in the requested information. In your email subject line, specify whether your submission is for Children or Young Adults. Attach the FIRST CHAPTER (double-spaced) and a 200-300 word SUMMARY as word documents.

For illustrators

Save and send illustrations (1 A4 page or smaller) as pdf file to illustrations@khalozabooks.com, with your name and short biography as an illustrator. Additionally send us an email with a link where your work can be viewed or post copies of your work to the address below. Freelance illustrators may submit portfolio samples. Send illustration sample with a cover letter telling us about yourself and your work.

Postal Submissions
For submissions not done by email, please post to us.
Khaloza Books
PO Box 998, Parys, 9585, South Africa
What next? You will receive an automatic acknowledgement of receipt and Khaloza Books will be in contact with you via email within a month.